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Week 13 Open Discussion.


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Week 13 is seeing some effects of Week 12 shuffling. Thursday's Ravens/Cowboys game had to be moved to Tuesday. and the Steelers and FT had to be moved to Monday.

The Eagles on a short week get the luxury of traveling to Lambeau where their putrid offense has to try and keep pack with Aaron Rodgers and the GB offense.

The Dolphins are quietly having themselves a very good season, and get another chance to build confidence with another W as they host the Burrowless Bengals.

The good news for Denver is they get an actual QB this week. The bad news, they have to go to Kansas City..

Another rematch of the Heidibowl takes place as the Raiders will visit the Jets. Will anyone care if this game is pre-empted for another showing of Heidi?


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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