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QB drama in this round of the playoffs


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I'm pretty excited about the games today and tomorrow.  I find it very interesting that there are a lot of representation from the older star QBs, and a lot of representation from the young star QBs.

For the old guys: Tom Brady (43), Aaron Rodgers (37), Drew Brees (42)

For the young guys: Baker Mayfield (25), Lamar Jackson (24), Patrick Mahomes (25), Josh Allen (24), Jarod Goff (26)

It's an exciting time for the league.  As a bonus, if Brady wins in this round we have the idea of having the GOAT play in a playoff game at Lambeau.  I'm assuming the Pack will have no trouble beating the Lambs.

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I am excited for the AFC teams and am content with the final 3. Would be great to see McDermott get one. I don't want to say he got a raw deal here, but it's great to see that he's matured, he's lasted, and he's a game away from the Super Bowl. On the other hand, great to see Reid, a guy we always knew was a great coach, on the brink of winning his 2nd Super Bowl. No one deserves it more. And to see Cleveland also a game away from the AFCCG. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see Cleveland finally win one? They're like the oldest franchise in the NFL, at least by name.

As for the NFC. I can't believe it, I hated the Bucs for so long, but unless he's playing the Eagles, I find myself always rooting for Tom Brady. Would love for him to prove to the world that he could do it without the Patriots

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