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Predict Eagles Wins/Loses in May 2021

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@Falcons- Loss (0-1)

vs 49ers- Loss (0-2)

@Cowboys- Loss (0-3)

vs Chiefs- Loss (0-4)

@Panthers- Win (1-4)

vs Bucs- Loss (1-5)

@Raiders- Win (2-5)

@Lions- Win (3-5)

vs Chargers- Loss (3-6)

@Broncos- Loss (3-7)

vs Saints- Loss (3-8)

@Giants- Loss (3-9)

@Jets- Win (4-9)

vs Redskins- Win (5-9)

vs Giants- Win (6-9)

@Redskins- Loss (6-10)

vs Cowboys- Loss (6-11)



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@Falcons - I don’t think this board quite understand how bad their D was.  They had a worse season than us even WITH good QB play. W

vs 49ers - I believe Shanahan fully intends to start Lance every game. The Rodgers stuff will result in them trading Jimmy to the team that lost out. W

@Cowboys - Can’t win em all. L

vs Chiefs - L

@Panthers - W

vs Bucs - L

@Raiders- W

@Lions - L

vs Chargers - L

@Broncos - W

vs Saints- L

@Giants - W

@Jets - W

vs Redskins - W

vs Giants - W

@Redskins - W

vs Cowboys - W


Hurts doesn’t play great, but he is good enough. Luckily we get Fitzmagic twice in the winter months, and not early Sept. Daniel Jones will not pan out, Cowboys wilt at the end as usual, we take the division. 11-6

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First I'll say... That's a pig of a schedule. Unfortunately it's a really tough start and I think things will escalate.

@Falcons- Loss (0-1)

vs 49ers- Loss (0-2)

@Cowboys- Loss (0-3)

vs Chiefs- Loss (0-4)

@Panthers- Loss (0-5)

vs Bucs- Loss (0-6)

@Raiders- Win (1-6)

@Lions- Win (2-6)

vs Chargers- Loss (2-7)

@Broncos- Loss (2-8)

vs Saints- Loss (2-9)

@Giants- Loss (2-10)

@Jets- Win (3-10)

vs Redskins- Win (4-10)

vs Giants- Win (5-10)

@Redskins- Loss (5-11)

vs Cowboys- Loss (5-12)

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Could not care less about winning individual games record.

It is not about Wins and Losses..but about building the team. Cohesion.

It is all about Hurts QB, Siri the Head Coach, and  Gannon's Defense. 

If all 3 are on a way to success at the end of the year, then I am a happy guy and this year's record is secondary.


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Usually when the board thinks that the Eagles are going to suck, they do well and when they think they will do well they suck.

I think they will win around 10 games. I think that the injury bug will finally leave this team (which I think was completely on Doug's philosophy) the D will play inspired and Hurts will be a lot better then people give him credit for.

The year will start out rough, with a new coaching staff and new players, but it will settle as the year goes on. They finish off the season playing the East, which is still probably the worst division in football so they absolutely have a chance to go on a run.

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21 hours ago, DeathByEagle said:

Impossible to even give a number since there are too many unknowns. 


New Coaches, schemes etc. 

Its a shot in the dark on any prediction at this point. 

This far out as well. 

I mean we can look at the roster and make a bunch of assumptions and guesses but it is just that. 

We assume teams will be good but we don't really know. And injuries will play a part for all teams. 

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OK I will give it a shot:

Atlanta W - Pitts is a rookie overwhelmed by home crowd

SF          L -Kittle will eat our secondary

Dallas   L- Tough stadium to win at

Kansas L- They are a better team

Carolina W - We should win

Tampa   L - Their D is better

Las Vegas W - We should enter our prime by this time

Detroit W - Goff QB

Charges W - we got Steichen

Denver L - Not enough oxygen preparation

New Orleans W -Brees in no longer there

Giants  W -- Just because they are Giants

Jets W - They got new coach too

Washington  W - we are coming off the bye!!!

Giants W - We got the offensive line

Washington L  -We are going to split with Washington, and on the road.

Dallas W - Crossing my fingers and hoping that we split with Dallas. Fans will love it.


Possible-10 Wins, 7 Losses...

Probable -9 Wins , 8 Losses 

The final Results will depend entirely on Hurts. IF Hurts Sucks??? Then Subtract 4 games.

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@ Atlanta - L - high scoring game, but Atlanta has too many weapons for our secondary 

49ers - W - I just don’t see it with SF

@ Dallas - W - I am predicting that Dallas crashes and burns. Old, injured O-line, RB is done and no defense. 

KC - L - this could get fugly

@ Carolina - L - assuming CMC is back, Darnold is better than the Jets made him look

TB - L - will be competitive but they are just better

@ Vegas - L - Raiders are a better team at the start of the season. Long trip. 

@ Lions - W - it’s the Lions

Chargers - L - up and coming team with a good young QB

@ Denver - W - changes if they get Rodgers 

Saints - W - No Brees means they crash and burn. Payton exposed 

@ Giants - L - for some reason this is a revenge game for them for week 17

@ Jets - W - we remain perfect all-time

Washington - L - great D and Fitzpatrick owns us

Giants - W - season split

@ Washington - L - WFT clinches the division

Dallas - W - meaningless game where our backups beat theirs


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On 5/12/2021 at 7:25 PM, wrestlevessel said:

@Falcons- Loss (0-1)- they'll probably drop 50 on us

vs 49ers- Loss (0-2)- playing them before kittle gets hurt

@Cowboys- Loss (0-3)-playing dak instead of whatever d3 qb we played against last year. He may not be elite but he can use the weapons they have

vs Chiefs- Loss (0-4)- another possible 50, definitely 40 point game

@Panthers- Loss (0-5)- another good offensive unit that will shred our 1 ply secondary

vs Bucs- Loss (0-6)- 30 points against 

@Raiders- Win (1-6)- this might be our first win of the season

@Lions- Win (2-6)- two in a row??

vs Chargers- Loss (2-7)- then give up 30+ to herbert

@Broncos- Win (3-7)- i don't even know who their QB is

vs Saints- Win (4-7)- no Drew Brees 

@Giants- Loss (4-8)- think we split with was and nyg

@Jets- Loss (4-9)- Zach Wilson has his first 400 yard game 

vs Redskins- Win (5-9)- split

vs Giants- Win (6-9)- split

@Redskins- Loss (6-10)- split

vs Cowboys- Loss (6-11)- if dak is still healthy and is playing like he did pre injury this is possibly a 40 point game for them



Couple different results for me, same final record. Probably picking just outside the top 10

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It's hard to say because I have no idea what the Offense and Defense will be like. We should be able to run the ball and use play action. I don't see this team as explosive offensively to keep up with other teams. The secondary on defense concerns me the most. 

Mostly it's based on last season. So I would agree 6-11, until they can beat a team with a winning record.

Also, let's not forget Howie has plans for the draft next year that is contingent on the record this season. I believe that's why the secondary was not addressed.

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@Falcons- WIN (1-0)

vs 49ers- WIN (2-0)

@Cowboys- LOSS (2-1)

vs Chiefs- LOSS (2-2)

@Panthers- WIN (3-2)

vs Bucs- LOSS (3-3)

@Raiders- LOSS (3-4)

@Lions- WIN (4-4)

vs Chargers- LOSS (4-5)

@Broncos- LOSS (4-6)

vs Saints- WIN (5-6)

@Giants- WIN (6-6)

@Jets- WIN (7-6)


vs Redskins- LOSS (7-7)

vs Giants- WIN (8-7)

@Redskins- LOSS (8-8)

vs Cowboys- WIN (9-8)

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