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Eagles Finally Cleared for Major Uniform Change


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Eagles Finally Cleared for Major Uniform Change

  • Updated Jun 24, 2021 at 8:51pm
Randall Cunningham

Getty:  Randall Cunningham wore the kelly green uniform better than anybody in Philadelphia Eagles franchise history.

No player wore that beautiful, crisp "kelly green” jersey better than Randall Cunningham. Maybe Jalen Hurts will get a chance to one-up the former franchise quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL approved a new policy that will allow teams to use two different helmets during the 2022 season, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The deadline for submitting permission to use the second helmet is July 31. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has long talked about bringing back Cunningham’s "kelly green” as an alternate uniform as long as he’s owned the franchise. The hold-up for Lurie was that league rules dictated that the helmet couldn’t be changed. He didn’t want to send his guys out on the field with mismatched colors.

"The whole key is that we want a kelly green helmet to go with the kelly green jerseys,” Lurie told reporters in 2019, via CBS Sports. "We’re trying to get the league to allow a second helmet. That’s where it’s at, so they very much know we want this and we want it badly, and we’re waiting.”



Well, that problem has been solved. The Eagles haven’t yet announced if they’ll be taking advantage of the rule change but it stands to reason they would. Lurie has been passionataly advocating for changing the one-helmet rule dating back to 2018 when he lobbied the NFL’s competition committee.

"It’s a one-helmet league. There’s ramifications in that, I suppose,” Lurie told NBC Sports Philadelphia. "They know that with the Eagles, it’s important to us. We really want to be able to have kelly green jerseys at time and to make it look really right, you have to have matching helmets.”



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