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Jalen Hurts Dropping Bombs to DeVonta Smith [WATCH]


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Jalen Hurts Dropping Bombs to DeVonta Smith [WATCH]

  • Updated Jun 27, 2021 at 10:30am
Jalen Hurts

GettyEagles rookie QB Jalen Hurts takes the field for his first NFL start.

Philadelphia Eagles rookie DeVonta Smith has talked about rebuilding the chemistry he once had with Jalen Hurts in college. The receiver-quarterback tandem are trying to establish themselves as an elite play-making duo this year in the NFL.

That connection is going to take some time despite their two years together at Alabama. But Smith and Hurts remain committed to bursting on the scene in 2021 as evidenced by them working on their deep passing routes. In a video posted by Nicole Lynn, president of football operations at Klutch Sports, Smith and Hurts are shown getting a "little light work” in. Their chemistry looks like it hasn’t skipped a beat since Tuscaloosa.

"We have to continue building from that. I mean, just because we had that connection in college doesn’t mean that it’s the same now,” Smith said of their connection during spring OTAs. "We’ve both grown as players. We both have things that we’ve added to our game. So we have to build from that and get better.”

Klutch Sports is the sports agency of record for both players as Rich Paul’s expanding empire digs its heels into the NFL. That puts Smith and Hurts under the same umbrella as NBA stars LeBron James, Ben Simmons, Trae Young, as well as NFL stars Alvin Kamara, Chase Young, Jarvis Landry to name a few. Point is, those kids are going places.

Smith Bonding with Eagles CB Darius Slay

Smith has also been cozying up to Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay. The rookie receiver wants to pick Slay’s brain for tendencies on how cornerbacks think. And vice versa for Slay on what makes receivers tick. Their budding friendship should be a fun one to watch throughout the year.

"Me and Slay, we just talk about football,” Smith said. "Any little thing that he can give me about a DB [defensive back] and any little thing I can give him about a receiver, we just talk about it. Ultimately, we’re teammates and we’re trying to make each other better and just drop knowledge on each other.”

The Eagles wrapped up spring OTAs on June 4 and the main goal for the new guys was to get to know their teammates. Building strong locker-room relationships has been a top priority under first-year head coach Nick Sirianni.

"It’s been fun, just being here getting to know the guys and building those relationships, that team chemistry,” Smith said. "Just knowing that they’re going to take me under their wing. They’re approaching me with the little details of anything that we’re doing as an offense.”

Hurts Named Breakout Candidate to Watch

Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox compiled a list of "Breakout Player Candidates” for all 32 NFL teams and penciled in Hurts’ name for Philadelphia. Not exactly breaking news considering the Eagles traded their franchise quarterback away and handed the keys to Hurts. Still, it’s always interesting to hear what the national media has to say. Here’s what they wrote:

He already flashed promise in limited action as a rookie last year. In his three full contests, he passed for 847 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions. He also rushed for 238 yards and a score. Prorated over a 17-game season, that would put him on pace for roughly 4,800 passing yards, 23 touchdown passes, 11 interceptions, 1,349 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns.

Knox also made a bold prediction: "Don’t be surprised if the 2020 second-round pick puts his name in the Pro Bowl conversation this season.”
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Throwing bombs is plural... The video shows 1 singular bomb.

I mean it looks like a nice pass and a nice stretched catch by Smith but hey there's no pass rush and there's no DB with Smith so not sure the title of this article is really warranted.

I do like though that Smith is trying to understand from Slay what tendencies NFL CB's tend to have. I like that he wants to be as prepared as possible to start the season! That's very much encouraging.

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