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Zach Ertz ‘One of Those Players’, Says Eagles Insider


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Zach Ertz ‘One of Those Players’, Says Eagles Insider

  • Updated Jun 29, 2021 at 9:16pm
Zach Ertz

Getty:  Zach Ertz runs after a catch in a game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Don’t retire your No. 86 midnight green jersey just yet. There’s a chance Zach Ertz may report to training camp on July 27 and suit up for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ertz had been seeking either an offseason trade or his outright release from the team after negotiations on a contract extension stalled last year. Yet the three-time Pro Bowler remains on the roster as the Eagles fend off cheap offers. The Eagles aren’t going to give away arguably the greatest tight end in franchise history. Besides, Ertz is still under contract. And, according to Eagles Insider Dave Spadaro, there is a growing sense that he will report to training camp on time.

Spadaro appeared on Fantasy Sports Radio on SiriusXM where he discussed Ertz’s complicated situation in Philly. He believes the 30-year-old veteran will be "one of the players reporting” on July 27, adding that "we’ll see how it plays out” once he gets there. So what does that mean? In the best-case scenario, Ertz sits down with general manager Howie Roseman and the two work out a new contract.



"Zach’s a really good player and a really good person, and he’s under contract with the Eagles,” Roseman told reporters on May 1. "At the same time, we have a lot of respect for him and what kind of player he is and what he’s done for our team.”

Or Ertz shows up simply to avoid the hefty financial burden and free-agency implications. According to Pro Football Talk, the fine for skipping training camp is $50,000 per day and the loss of an accrued season toward free agency. Unless Ertz has an "opt-out silver bullet” in his current deal, similar to what Aaron Rodgers might use. Stay tuned.

Bills Still Interested in Pro Bowler?

The top team being linked to Ertz in a trade scenario has been the Buffalo Bills. They are prepared to head into the 2021 campaign with Dawson Knox as TE1, but not without legitimate concerns. Knox dropped 10 passes (20% of his targets) as a rookie in 2019 and four (9.1%) in 2020, according to ESPN.

Knox recently attended the "Tight End University” summit in Nashville to improve his game. Ertz was there, too. And the 24-year-old has been pretty open about the Bills pursuing the Eagles star.

"No matter who they bring in, whether it’s a rookie or All-Pro like Zach [Ertz], I think it’ll be great just to elevate the competition,” Knox said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques. "Iron sharpens iron and that’s a big philosophy that I have.”

Time to End the ‘Ertz Madness’

Reuben Frank of NBC Sports Philadelphia thinks it’s time to end the "Ertz madness.” The Eagles are a better team with Ertz on the field. No one can debate that fact. And there would be no better safety valve for a young quarterback like Jalen Hurts than a guy two years removed from an 88-catch season.

That’s not to say Dallas Goedert can’t handle the starting job, but why not keep both tight ends? Frank urged the two sides to find common ground:

The Eagles have been clear about wanting Ertz back, and Ertz has been clear about how much he loves the city. They should be able to work something out. Not to mention that if he stays here, he gets $8 million. If he’s released, that $8 million evaporates and he’s not getting anywhere close to it wherever he lands. So both sides have something to gain by getting this figured out.

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4 hours ago, Perforator said:

Spadaro says whatever the Eagles tell him to say.


exactly. This strikes me as Howie trying to drum up trade partners by saying they aren't going to just release Ertz.

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Dallas Goeddert is a free agent after this year so the priority seems to be signing him to a long term deal. It is unlikely the Eagles can afford to extend Ertz as well and everyone knows that. The time to trade him for maximum value was a year ago (as I said in multiple posts at the time but Howie doesn’t listen to me) so unless they get real trade value, he may need to stay this year and prove his worth after an injury plagued season to get a decent free agent contract next year which will determine if the Eagles get a modest comp pick for him in 2023. 

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I can see them sticking with Ertz for this year. If they can only get a 6th or 7th in 2022 for him I think it's better to have him this year and get an equivalent comp pick in 2023. Remember they already have all their own picks plus 2 additional 1's and an extra 5 next year so draft picks aren't quite as needed as they have been. 

Addressing some other issues in this thread -

  1. Who cares if Spadaro says what his bosses prefer, it's the topics and subsequent conversation that keeps us all going. 
  2. I completely disagree with Reuben Frank on this. His whole article wasn't reprinted here but when I read the full version I think his opinion stinks. Ertz was compensated fairly, even generously, for what he's done in the past. The Eagles owe Ertz exactly nothing except what they've agreed to in the contract. It's Ertz who has created the issue and become discontent and we don't even know what he's discontent about. By the way - what exactly did the Eagles do wrong with, towards, or at Ertz?
  3. I think we'll have a problem with Goedert. We don't have the $'s to sign him before he becomes a free agent and I just don't see us winning a bidding war for him next year. But then that's a topic for the NEXT off-season.
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