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‘Grab Bull by the Horns’: Eagles QB Responds to Efficiency Concerns


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‘Grab Bull by the Horns’: Eagles QB Responds to Efficiency Concerns

  • Updated Aug 10, 2021 at 2:54pm
Jalen Hurts

Getty:  Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts keeps reminding his teammates that the "Rent is Due" every single day.

Nick Sirianni’s offense will mark the fourth different system that Jalen Hurts has been forced to learn since 2018. Not to worry. The new starter for the Philadelphia Eagles has been soaking it in, trying to be more efficient through the air and knowing when to take off with his legs.

Hurts has been taking all the first-team reps at practice and knows how important every single one of them is at training camp. Sirianni talked at length the other day about getting him to "throw in rhythm” and the dual-threat quarterback acknowledged it is a problem area he needs to improve on. Being a more efficient thrower is one benchmark he has set for himself in the first preseason game.

"This is a new offense for me, another new offense, and it’s just something that we have to continue to soak in,” Hurts told reporters on Tuesday. "Grab the bull by the horns with it, and learn it and get it done so we can all be on the same page with everything. And we’ve done a really good job with that, and we just continue climbing with this thing. Keep climbing, keep climbing, and we’ll explode when the time is needed.”



The Eagles host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night in the exhibition opener at Lincoln Financial Field. Sirianni revealed the first-teamers on the depth chart will play – although how long they play remains to be seen – and the new head coach will be the lead play-caller. It’s another opportunity for Hurts to grow in the offense.

"Repetition brings comfort and confidence,” Hurts said, "and these are valuable reps that I am getting right now and we are trying to capitalize on it and take advantage of it, and I think it’s been an uphill climb.”

And Hurts is champing at the bit to play in front of the Philly faithful again after getting a taste during Sunday’s open scrimmage. He would play every down if the coaching staff would let him.

"Shoot, I love football,” Hurts said. "I’d play every down if I had to. I just play, coaches handle that.”

Inspiration Behind Hurts’ Mottos and Metaphors

Hurts has become known for dropping wisdom in the form of inspirational mottos and metaphors. Things like "be a coffee bean” and "so what, now what” and "rent is due every day.”


His college coach at Alabama, Nick Saban, had a hand in instilling some of those catchy sayings into Hurts’ lexicon, but the majority of them came from his own life experiences. It’s a positive aura the Houston native wants to put out in the atmosphere.

"Those come from valuable experiences in life,” Hurts said. "You go through things, you experience things, you see how people respond to things. You got two different kinds of people in life: you got a person who is going to let it ride out and not think that they can learn from that situation, I’m a guy where I think I can learn from any type of situation.”

Connection with Quez Watkins Growing

Quez Watkins has arguably been the breakout star of the summer in South Philly. Following his highlight-reel touchdown catch at the Linc the other night, his stock is higher than Tesla. He’s listed as the backup outside receiver behind Jalen Reagor on the initial depth chart while taking over the lead kick return duties.


Watkins has a clear path to a secured spot on the 53-man roster, especially after getting a huge vote of confidence from the new starting quarterback. He was always a speed threat, but he worked hard in the offseason to clean up his route running. Hurts has all the confidence in the world in the second-year burner.

"I think with Quez I’ve always known what type of receiver he was,” Hurts said. "Even last year coming in as a rookie we actually trained together in Atlanta, so we’ve always known him as a guy with speed. His route running is really good, his ability to get open is really good. I think he is a guy I have a lot of confidence in.”


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