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Eagles’ Jordan Mailata Reveals ‘Nasty’ Reason for Punishing ‘Dirty’ Saints


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Eagles’ Jordan Mailata Reveals ‘Nasty’ Reason for Punishing ‘Dirty’ Saints

  • Updated Nov 24, 2021 at 4:22pm
Marcus Davenport

Getty:  Saints DE Marcus Davenport hit Jalen Hurts late and that pissed the entire Eagles offensive line off in Week 11.

The on-field wrestling match between Jordan Mailata and Marcus Davenport actually started last year. That was Jalen Hurts’ first start for the Philadelphia Eagles and the offensive line had some finished business to attend to from that 2020 chippy affair.

Mailata addressed the play that led to his viral IHOP Instagram post, telling reporters he was protecting his family. The massive Aussie wanted payback from last year’s game – a 24-21 Eagles’ victory – when he noticed the Saints making dirty play after dirty play.

"I remember them from last year just being so dirty after plays last year and for me I wanted to set the tone early,” Mailata said. "And that’s why I just was the way I was on Sunday. I wasn’t going to let that fly again this year.”



The 6-foot-8, 365-pounder wasn’t as in tune with how trash talking worked in 2020 but, thanks to Eagles resident trash talker Brandon Graham, he is now well versed. The left tackle was determined to make a statement early, especially after Marcus Davenport shoved Hurts late out of bounds.

"For me, it’s protecting my family,” Mailata said. "All these guys on the team are my family. So, for me, protecting my family is what made me do that. Seeing my brother get hit, getting pushed out of bounds late, that didn’t roll right with me.”

Mailata Embraces New ‘Dinosaur’ Title

The room erupted in laughter when right tackle Lane Johnson called Mailata a "big dinosaur” following Sunday’s win. Truth be told, he is a mountain of a man and probably could have held his own during the Jurassic period. And the fourth-year player had no qualms with his new title.

"Lane called me a dinosaur, cool,” Mailata said. "I’ve been called much worse things.”

Mailata comes off as a gentle giant in press conferences and on the field. His vicious pancake block on Davenport (6-foot-6, 265 pounds) may have seemed out of character to casual observers but not to his teammates. He clearly had reached his breaking point.

"I think he is a happy-go-lucky Australian guy but he’s also a guy that can get pissed off, too,” center Jason Kelce said. "I enjoyed watching it.”

Why was Mailata so angry? Well, he was sick and tired of watching the Saints take cheap shots on his quarterback. He had to defend Hurts’ honor while setting the tone that the Eagles weren’t going to be bullied this time around.

"It was a product of a lot of things that kind of led up to me just kind of blowing my cap,” Mailata said. "And I think the biggest thing for me was all the extra stuff he was doing to Jalen. And I’m a big boy, I can handle myself, but I think seeing him get pushed out of bounds and even when Jalen’s breaking the pockets and he’s throwing the ball, he’s getting hit late by No. 92 – Davenport, sorry – and for me it just kind of built up and the frustration [made me think] once I get the opportunity I’m going to do something to this dude.”


Building Nasty, Physical Identity

Mailata said he got a text message from Hurts late Sunday night thanking him for the protection. This is a tight-knit group that has forged a new identity over the past four weeks, one based on physicality and nastiness. The Eagles want to control the line of scrimmage in the trenches by handing the ball off and letting the offensive line dig in.

"Every week we’re trying to be the more physical team. We’re trying to play nasty,” Mailata said. "We’re just trying to be the most dominant o-line out there on the field and that comes with the repetitions every day, making sure we’re detailed, and coach just re-emphasizing – you hear him say it every week, every day, got to play with physicality, got to play with nastiness, that’s what’s going to win.”


When asked if he personally wanted a reputation for being nasty and physical, Mailata smiled and replied: "Hell, yeah.”


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