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Jalen Hurts Details ‘Cool’ Relationship with Legendary Eagles QB


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Jalen Hurts Details ‘Cool’ Relationship with Legendary Eagles QB

  • Updated Dec 30, 2021 at 12:33am
Jalen Hurts

Getty:  Eagles QB Jalen Hurts has been working behind the best offensive line in football during the 2021 campaign.

The growing relationship between Donovan McNabb and Jalen Hurts seems to be bearing fruit. Or flowers, to borrow a line from Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. The two quarterbacks are peas in a pod.

McNabb – the Eagles’ all-time passing leader – started talking to Hurts last year in an unofficial mentor’s type of role. The young signal-caller from East Texas needed a sounding board. He needed someone he could trust to teach him the ins and outs of the NFL, plus a guy who could explain the sometimes fickle Philly fan base. McNabb is an expert on both those things and Hurts is happy to call him a friend.

"A ton,” Hurts said when asked what he’s learned from McNabb. "I think being able to chat with someone that has experienced it, someone that knows the game, and has played in this city, played for this team, and overall had the experience of being a quarterback in the NFL, I value that a lot. And, definitely cool to have that relationship.”


Hurts was scant on the details of what he and McNabb have discussed. And McNabb wasn’t willing to divulge too much information either. The important thing to know is the relationship is alive. It’s thriving and helping Hurts navigate Philly’s "quarterback factory.”

"I’ve been talking to Jalen ever since his name was called [at the draft],” McNabb told SportsRadio 94WIP on December 6. "Jalen is well prepared with anything he has been faced with or is going to be faced with.”


Hurts Values Jason Kelce ‘A Lot’

Jason Kelce has morphed into a mythical figure in Philadelphia over the past three years. From the consecutive starts streak – it stands at 120 heading into Week 17 – to the Super Bowl speech, Kelce is the embodiment of the city he plays in. Naturally, Hurts wanted to get to know the man behind the myth so he spent extra time with him this offseason.

"We definitely spend a lot of time together. I recall this offseason we worked out a lot here in the city,” Hurts said. "And just getting to know him, knowing the things he has overcome, and kind of knowing his story – and knowing what drives him as a man and as a player. He’s such a real guy and he’s a provider, he’s a leader, and he’s a great player and a great guy. I value him a lot.”

Hurts has gone out of his way to spend time with key members of the organization. The mature 23-year-old sits in weekly one-on-one meetings with head coach Nick Sirianni and offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, among others. He has done his part to be the unquestioned leader on and off the field.

Eagles Haven’t Played Best Game Yet

Hurts caused a little bit of a stir after Sunday’s 34-10 win when he cut a reporter off and told him to pump the brakes on the playoff talk. The Eagles have yet to put it all together and play their best game, according to Hurts.


Sirianni was asked if he agreed with that assessment. His answer? A resounding yes.

"I think that’s fair,” Sirianni said. "When you’re in the mode of what we are, a process-driven very results-aware team, you’re going to grow each day. Yeah, I hope the last game we play is our best game. That’s what I always hope, that we’re continuing on this upward trend.”


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