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Jalen Hurts Tells Epic Tale of Training with Eagles ‘Warrior’ at Dawn


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Jalen Hurts Tells Epic Tale of Training with Eagles ‘Warrior’ at Dawn

  • Updated Jan 3, 2022 at 2:21pm
Boston Scott, Jalen Hurts

Getty:  Boston Scott accepts the hand-off from Jalen Hurts during the Eagles-Chargers game on November 7, 2021.

When Jalen Hurts speaks about Boston Scott his voice gets slightly louder, followed quickly with a knowing smile and head nod. He called the 5-foot-6 running back a "warrior” on Sunday who would do anything to help the team, even sacrificing his beauty rest in the offseason.

Hurts recalled the story of Scott driving four hours from his hometown of Baton Rouge to Houston this summer to train with Hurts. The two would play pitch-and-catch on a field in the little neighborhood where Hurts lives while talking about life. On a whim, Scott drove the 268 miles not fully knowing what to expect.

"The Boston Scott I know is the Boston Scott that would drive from Louisiana where he’s from, come to Houston like four hours away, and come throw with me,” Hurts told reporters. "In the little neighborhood where I live, just on the field, coming to get the work in because he’s so hungry. And wanted to get the work in and wanted to get better.”


The biggest thing Scott learned on that first visit to Houston was just how early Hurts starts working out. The former sixth-rounder out of Louisiana Tech could have easily jumped back in his car and went home. Except he didn’t. He’s a warrior.

"The Boston Scott that I know is the guy who just got into town and I tell him, ‘you know I work out at 5 in the morning, you want to throw we’re going to throw at the field at 5’ and he’s there. Early and ready to go,” Hurts said. "And [he has] the desire, the want to – and, obviously, for him to step up in a big time way as he did today is big. A lot of respect for him and I’m happy for him.”

Scott Starts for Injured Miles Sanders

Scott ran for 47 yards on 14 carries and punched two touchdowns in against the Washington Football Team in a de facto playoff game. He was filling in for starter Miles Sanders and out-touched backup Jordan Howard (11 rushes for 26 yards) who played while nursing a neck stinger.

"He stayed diligent, remained diligent, knowing his role has changed throughout the season from years prior and he stuck with it,” Hurts said. "And he’s been the ultimate team player.”

Scott also hauled in four passes for 39 yards, including a crucial 19-yarder for a first down. No matter where the Eagles put him – kick return, backfield, slot receiver – he has produced.

"He’s just a good all-around back and he had a big game today,” tight end Dallas Goedert said. "He came through for us twice in the red zone and had a couple of other big runs. Just anytime he gets the ball in his hands he’s a dangerous runner.”

Printing New Business Cards for Scott

Head coach Nick Sirianni couldn’t remember who sent him the message, but it was one that should go on Scott’s business cards. He was answering a question about the "next-man-up” mentality on this Eagles’ team when it popped in his head.

Sirianni was pretty sure it came from legendary radio play-by-play broadcaster Merrill Reese. The saying summed Scott up in a nutshell.

"You could wake up Boston Scott in the middle of the night, lead him to the stadium, and there would be a game going on and he would be ready to go,” Sirianni said. "I love that about players. I absolutely love that about our players, and Boston Scott in particular.”



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Fair play to Boston Scott he doesn't let this team down. He's not the most talented or the most dynamic but he's reliable and he's almost always available. And hey he's not a bad player either in both the run and pass game. 

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