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Pre-Combine Mock (2-25-22)


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So before the draft even begins we trade away Dillard for a conditional second in 2023, if he has enough snaps it's a second otherwise a third.

In the combine the CBs look really good and that leads to them getting picked early in the draft. Thus a WR falls to us, but we think long and hard about it and then trade down the pick to the Miami Dolphins. They want to see more of Tua and paired with a young rookie- their receiver room was injury plagued last season and another young player is exactly.. what the doctor ordered. For the swap to 29 we get their second rounder.

1-C: Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa
1-DE: David Ojabo, Michigan
1-DT: Jordan Davis, Georgia
2-DL: DeMarvin Leal, Texas A+M
2-RT: Daniel Faalele, Minnesota
3-LB: Henry To'o To'o, Alabama
4-S: Kolby Harvel-Peel, Oklahoma St.
5-RB: Kennedy Brooks, Oklahoma
6-P: Jake Camarda, Georgia

With the next first we pick up Linderbaum to be the heir for Kelce, learning for a season from Kelce himself. Then we pick Ojabo at 19, which is a spot where he is true value. Following at 29 we have to take Davis. I understand there are plenty of fans and reporters alike thinking he will not last that long, seen it both ways so let's have him here.

In the second round we continue building the lines with Faalele, who will take the Mailata training from Stout to learn from Johnson for flex tackle backup and heir to RT, and we pick Leal to go with Milton in the flexible rotational role behind a line of Cox-Hargrave-Davis and Graham-Ojabo-Sweat. After three picks day one we round it up with To'o To'o at LB as our third pick day 2. If either Leal or Faalele is already gone the next on my list would be Drake Jackson here.

Free Agency:

Both lines are stacked like crazy in this mock, which in a way makes FA a lot easier going for a few mid to high priced skill positions while we have managed expenses on the line and giving rookies time to learn from some of the best. So we need a receiver, and if possible another receiver for the slot. Williams would be our first choice, but he will probably get tagged. So instead we find an agreement with Juju Smith-Schuster for 1-2 years to prove that he can play our X-receiver, if not Williams would be back on the table in 2023. Then we follow it up with our big splash: Christian Kirk, our new slot receiver. Both are 25, so they have the young upside while they already have plenty of experience.

On defense a second CB is a dire need and soon 27 year old Ahkello Witherspoon would probably fill perfectly. The Steelers got him on a 4M contract, 2.5M payed by Seattle. He was kept on the bench but when he finally got his shot he had 3 interceptions and a lot of good play. The Steelers will try to get him on the cheap, so we should just pay the man and solve our problem at CB. I would like to extend Nelson too (think he deserves it) but why not just do both and have some real depth. At safety we should be able to sign McLeod for cheap and I see us paying Diggs to come here and form a strong safety duo with Harvell-Peel. 

WR-Christian Kirk  4y-45M
WR-Smith-Schuster 2y-15M

CB-Ahkello Witherspoon  3y-18M
 S-Quandre Diggs    3y-32M
both receivers are 25, Witherspoon turns 27 in March. Diggs just turned 29, but at safety I am happy to have someone like him to lead.
obviously backloaded contracts with dummy years

Nelson, McLeod - solid 2y
Kelce, Graham - 1 more year
Herbig, Howard, Avery, Ridgeway and Singleton - if cheap
Ward, Scott, Toth, JJaw - practice squad
Brooks, Barnett, Harris, Kerrigan - gone

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Some parts of it, I really, really like (emphasis on DL, although a bit heavy for my taste. Leal and Davis is a bit overkill), other parts not so much.

For example; both JuJu and Kirk are basically slot receivers with different skill sets. Why sign both?

Diggs would be nice but a bit underwhelming if you look at the safeties likely hitting FA. Personally I hope they make a splash and get someone younger like Williams or Bates to pair with McCleod but Diggs makes an awful lot of sense. He played with Slay in Detroit (remember BPS was pissed when they traded Diggs) and will likely come relatively cheap cause he’s coming back from injury. It’s the age I’m not fond of...

Witherspoon is someone I like but doesn’t get me extremely excited. You could stick with Nelson and basically would have the same result. Rather use a first on a CB to pair with Slay.

You know how much I love Linderbaum but if Kelce returns, I don’t know if the Eagles would take him. Every team has it’s draft strenghts. Steelers have a knack for finding good receivers beyond the first round, Eagles (thanks in large part to Stoutland’s ability to develop) finding OL talent late. Although Linderbaum would be a perfect heir, why use a first on him and sit him for a year if you’re good at finding OL talent later?

Waiting until the 3rd to address the LB position would be a typical Howie move but doesn’t get me excited. If you’re willing to use all your picks especially your first rounders (trade down or not) you have a golden opportunity to address a lot of needs, especially on defense. Getting out of the first two rounds without a stud LB and DB, would be extremely disappointing wouldn’t you say?!


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Thanks Infam.

You've thought this through I like the free agent pick up and your thoughts on re-signing our own. and I appreciated the read but I'm not a fan of the draft. 

  • 1 Linderbaum. I'm just not a fan of sitting a first round draft pick for a ear. We have too many holes for that to happen.
  • 1 Ojabo. He's screamed p boards but why? He played opposite from Hutchinson so he didn't get the attention from tight ends and running backs. I'd prefer Trevon Walker. 
  • 1 Davis I like the pick, BUT I rather one DT and Leal would be it. Probably get Burks or London with this pick.  
  • 2 Leal. this would be a great pick if you didn't already draft a DT in the first. Let's take 1 DT and a safety either here or in the !st. My preference - Hill and Leal 
  • 2 Faalele - nooooo waaaaay! We don't need another tackle this early. Move your LB up to here and take Christian Harris. . 
  • 3 To'oTo'o. TE my friend. With Jackson's injury we need another one.
  • 4 Harvell-Peel.  OK. Who goes? Epps or Wallace? I'd rather the RB here. I've seen Robinson rated everywhere from 2 to 5. If he's there - run to the podium. Otherwise, Haskins or Ingram, I like big running backs.
  • 5. As I said, I'd rather a big guy. We need to replace Howard. 
  • Where are the other 2 5th round picks?
  • 6 Guess what? I absolutely love the pick. 

This has been great fun and you stirred a lot of thought. Thanks again. 

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ray hit the nail on the head kirk and juju are both slot wr’s don’t see them being good fits on the outside… also reports coming out about kirk going on vacation or something with josh allen so doubt we have a chance. 


@Rob331 i would take Faalele in a heartbeat dude is just a monster!! yes it’s a for the future pick but who knows if johnson misses a couple games again. i doubt anyone thinks daniel can play rg but could you imagine him getting a chance there for this year :drool:

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I hear you and understand your point of view. My feelings are we have more pressing needs to fill. We'll see, it'll be the age-old tug of war - best player available or fill an obvious need. My vote - fill the need. 

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