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Didnt see a thread for this one yet. 

After my narrow loss from the terrible PSU game call last week Ill be back at it.

I have a parlay ready to go, but its a 7 legger for only +598

As safe as each of the picks seem, I also feel theres nothing safe about a 7 leg parlay especially for those meagre odds. So Im not ready to submit it yet. Have to tinker. 



Who knows anything about Clemson's backup QB?

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6 hours ago, 20dawk4life said:

@HazletonEagle what was the bet on Clemson? 

I didnt make one.

I did end up going with 2 crappy parlays that I didnt think were worth posting. And I was right. They were like 7 leggers and were dead by like the 3rd game. 

I did a dumb thing and made a 3 legger for the later slate. And the risk I took was on the already in play Oklahoma State game. They were up a little in the 3rd and I picked them to win by a few more. They ended up losing. So that was dead by the 1st leg. 

Bad day of bets. 

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3 outta 4 on the late game parlay. 

And Clemson lost so even the email offer didn't come through. First time one of those has lost for me.

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I had no idea this section existed.  I am not much a sports betting guy, but it interests me seeing the lines and how accurate some of these guys are.

@HazletonEagle, do you think it takes greater skill to win against the spread, or win straight up ??

I run the football pool at my office, and every year I usually run anywhere from 65-70% picking games straight up.

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This is basically a thread of me telling everyone that all of my college football bets lose.

Dont ask me anything. Its all hard for me. 

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Just now, downundermike said:

And I would be willing to lay a few shackles your betting thread is better

It is. dont even ask me about my slightly too early week 1, 4 leg NFL parlay. I feel like you are dapping me up to get me hyped enough to share.

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1 hour ago, Bacarty2 said:

I did ok...This

image.png.67f748ad3baa19aeb2dca0f5906b4d68.pngimage.png.4d3d15a7c9c0c81a5cde439d2152466a.pngwhich free'd me up to do this


which allowed me to trust me guy on this....



and then I also did this




Which ultimately got me here... 






led me to this...


Not impressed. 

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13 hours ago, HazletonEagle said:

I am going for redemption with 

Texas moneyline

USC moneyline

Utah -21.5

Texas A&M moneyline

Thats a winner. Redeemed after the earlier parlay loss.

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