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Week 12 Open Discussion.


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Week 12 brings us a 1st, at least a 1st that I'm aware of. The Denver Broncos have no eligible QBs to play vs the Saints on Sunday due to positive Covid testing, or being in close contact.

The Steelers/Ravens game has already moved twice, and will now be played on Tuesday, which in turn moves the week 13 Ravens/Cowboys game.

There really doesn't seem to be many intriguing games this weekend aside from maybe KC @ Tampa. The rest are very...blah.

The Giants are the only division team to play tomorrow with FT and Dallas having played, and the Birds set to get killed on Monday night. Wouldn't be the worst thing for the Giants to beat a Burrowless Bengals team and push us further down in the division.


Talk about the games you'll be watching.

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