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EMB MASTER OF THE DRAFT Winners are DeathByEagle & Greenakers2


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Eagles Master of the Draft


Please listen closely as the prompts have changed


Welcome to the 2021 EMB Master of the Eagles Draft. If this is your first time or 7th time, we are happy to have you. 


Object of the game is the earn the most points.


You earn points and move onto the next day by picking who the Eagles will pick in the draft. You will be able to submit a new list of picks for each of the three days. You must get a pick right each day to continue 




For Day 1 you will have EIGHT picks to guess the Eagles first round pick(s).

HIGHLIGHT BOLD or mark as LOCK one pick that is your favorite. If it’s correct you’ll receive a bonus point (bonus points are good toward tie breaking)

You must pick correctly to move onto Day 2. If the Eagles make two Day 1 picks then picking either will move you onto Day 2. You will get a bonus point for picking two correctly 


DAY 1 BONUS POINT (this is different from previous years). In Addition to your eight Day 1 picks, for a bonus point you choose MOVE UP, MOVE DOWN, STAY PUT. 

You can only earn one bonus point for movement (even if two players are chosen). It must be for a player selected. For example if Eagles stay at 12 but then move back into first round you’d only get MOVE UP credit if you picked the second 1st correctly. a bonus point alone will not qualify you for Day 2. 


As a courtesy for me to keep track. Please submit up to 8 picks like sample below (Name, primary position, school). Then list bonus


Trevor Lawrence QB Clemson

Kyle Pitts               TE Florida

Devonta Smith     WR Alabama




Move Up


As said above a separate pick thread will be made for each day. You may edit your picks until half an hour before the draft begins so there is no disadvantage to picking early(I’ll then be locking the thread). Please feel free to ask questions or use this thread for discussion. Please only use the Picks Thread for picking at not commenting. 


I’m watch very little college football unless a member of my extended family is playing. I do this every year in order to contribute to the discussion/excitement and learn about players (especially Day 2 and 3 to watch for). Pleas e have fun. This isn’t life or death. If I make a mistake let me know and I’ll fix it.


If something catastrophic should happen to me and I can’t begin threads etc then HazletonEagle will take over. 

Bonus points are only bonus points for tiebreakers. You must get at least one pick right each day to continue 

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Well that made my job harder

Below are all those going onto the next round and how many points they earned. This list obviously could change if Eagles make another pick tonight. (If I missed you please let me know and I’ll revise 

DAY 2 RULES. You have TWELVE picks to make for Rounds 2-3 tomorrow. IF Eagles make more than one pick and you get ALL of their picks correct tomorrow than you will receive a bonus point. So If Eagles make three picks you must get all three right for the bonus. If Eagles make only one pick tomorrow than no bonus point. 

MillerTime 3

T-1000 1

Time2rock 2

What The F 1

RemembertheKoy 1


Greenakers2 2

Han Solo 2

DeathByEagle 2

Hputenis 1

Green_Guinness 2

Freshmilk 1

Eagle45 1

AlphaGrand 2

Cochis_Calhoun 2

InFam 2

Manchester Eagle 2

Mr_irie 1

SB52 1

beto_eagles 2

20safety_hazards 2

Dawkins 20 2

Eagles Eagles! 2 (I’m not putting in those damn hyphens)

Jsdarkstar 2

ConnecticutEagle 2

Pgcd3 1

NCiggles 1

Next_up 1

Hoosierdaddy 1

Ericallenpick6 1

Swoop 1

Outlaw 1

PoconoDon 1

MidMoFo 1

RastaPasta 2

ToastJenkins 2

Vikas83 1

Eggs 1

Toolg 1

Aspiritfall 1

Eagles Eagles 1

Iggles25 1

Traveler Vic 1

MarkFrizzell 1

DownunderMike 1

Shepard Wong 1

Philafan4o8 2

HazletonEagle 1

Diehardfan 1

Iggles_Phan 1

RUEagle 1

Schuy7 1

Jwill2420  2

ManUpNnamdi 2

Jenkins27 2

Kz! 1

Hukdonfoniks 2

Cheasesteakitis 2

Dwide Schrude 2

QBHunter58 1

Couch Potato 1

NJWolverEagle11  1

PhillyTiger 1

Iggle_NJ 1


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1 hour ago, ManchesterEagle said:

Absolutely gutted that I don't get a bonus point for knowing that the Eagles are taking Jaycee Horn in the first.

Cheers for organising OC - looking forward to it.

I forgot about doing a "lock” pick for a bonus point. Think I should add it?

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2 minutes ago, OCEaglefan said:

I forgot about doing a "lock” pick for a bonus point. Think I should add it?

Joking aside - if you don't mind - yes absolutely. I think it will give the first round a lot more interest in particular where really most of us should get it right with our 8 picks (Howie adding to the QB factory notwithstanding)


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20 minutes ago, OCEaglefan said:

Ok implementing LOCK pick for a bonus point 

No penalty for guessing the lock pick incorrectly ... right?  Basically either you hit it and earn a bonus point or you miss it and nothing?

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14 minutes ago, time2rock said:

No penalty for guessing the lock pick incorrectly ... right?  Basically either you hit it and earn a bonus point or you miss it and nothing?

Correct, just a bonus 


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I went with Surtain as my lock as I think Horn could go before Surtain when it's our pick.  I also think we'll end up picking at #12 unless the perfect storm of events falls into place that we trade back and get a really good haul for doing so a 2nd time.  At that point I don't see any team wanting to trade up with us and I just don't see us trading back into the top 10 after we traded out of it.  I did choose as my bonus point that we'd trade back into the end of the 1st Round, mostly to do something different, but it's also a possibility if there's a player we really want that won't fall to #37.  We have the ammo to do it.

I do think both Chase and Sewell will be gone and both before it gets to #10.  Pitts could fall to #12, though IMO it's more unlikely than likely.  Both Bama WRs Smith and Waddle could be there, but I went with Surtain.  My fear is they pick Paye or another DE that isn't value there.  And I just don't see them going Parsons and taking a LB that early.  Slater could be a possibility.



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