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If this forum is ready to go for the Draft I say we post here and not on that 'other' site.  Leave it an effing ghost town so the Eagles PR/marketing team can see what they're missing out on with most of us having a new home now instead of going to Reddit.


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12 minutes ago, DeathByEagle said:

Ill say Eagles trade up with the Browns to number 10 and snag either Lamb or Jeudy

I would be fine with that if they can pull it off, but this team has a lot of holes to fill. :lol:

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I did the simulation draft (with no trades) on thedraftnetwork website where you can pick for a team and the computer will pick the others. There's no way this would happen in real life (because Jeudy and Murray won't fall that far), but here was my draft:

1.  Jerry Jeudy WR

2. Kenneth Murray LB

3.  Van Jefferson WR

4.  AJ Dillon RB

4.  Devin Duvernay WR

4.  Derrek Tuszka DE

5. Justin Herron OT

6. Lamar Jackson CB

I wasn't planning on taking 3 WRs, but there wasn't a good center in Round 4 in that area. So, the value was there for WR. 

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I hope the 2020 draft will work out for the Eagles at WR like the 2002 draft worked out at DB. I want to believe they come out of the draft with 2 or 3 new WR from early picks.

Not opposed to trading back if the top 4 WR are gone. Also somewhat interested in trading up for Lamb somehow if it doesnt mean giving up a 2nd rounder this year. 

If Jefferson is the pick at, or near 21, would his potential role in the offense make Ertz redundant and somebody that the Eagles might move?  Ertz has already turned down a deal and Goedert has flashed. What could Ertz fetch? Idk about salary cap ramifications. 


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