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Nick Sirianni - will the Eagles go far with him?


Will the Eagles advance far with Nick Sirianni as head coach?  

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  1. 1. Will the Eagles advance far with Nick Sirianni as head coach?

    • Yes - he's a good coach for the team
    • No - he's not seasoned enough
    • Maybe - depends on the roster

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On 2/14/2023 at 10:11 AM, nicks said:

They are dominating the game, and mahomet gets hurt(????), and is in worse shape than in first half, yet manages to run 28 yards up the middle, 18 yards or so a few times around the edge. How can this happen? Plus I would love to know if Mahomes would have been tested after halftime for type of medications administered or if impartial doctor was present when medications were administered???To sit on the bench and cry and writhe in agony and come out and run like crazy???? come on


These are football players playing in the biggest game of their lives.  They will tolerate pain if it means them being able to play.   

As for the meds, injured players in the NFL are allowed to take "shots” for pain.  Our players take the same "shots”.

Nothing new there. 

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I don't know if anybody saw AJ on the podcast, but he was taking jabs at Siri pretty good - the crying, some of the motivation techniques.  Seemed to me that he thought the coaching could have been better in the SB.  I didn't see the respect for Siri that he had for Vrabel.

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