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2021 hunt's team league DRAFT THREAD


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EMB Team League Draft Order Results
Pick #    Team Name
1    Agent 23 - Chiefs/Falcons/Bengals/David Johnson
2    The Mat Barkley Express - Packers/Giants/Bears/Deshaun Watson
3    Hunt's Happy Helmets - cowgirls **shame**/Saints/Washington/Phillip Lindsay
4    fordy 88 - Seahawks/Raiders/Colts/Laviska Shenault
5    Shepard Wong - Titans/Steelers/Eagles/Marvin Jones Jr
6    Redden's Team - Bucs/49ers/Patriots/Jordan Akins
7    downunder yourmom - Bills/Rams/Dolphins/Brandin Cooks
8    Jwill's Pimps with limps -Cardinals/Panthers/Lions/James Robinson
9    Tinkle Drinkers - Ravens/Vikings/Jets/DJ Chark
10    Salty Clam Lickers - Browns/Chargers/Broncos/Trevor Lawrence


reminder...we will draft in this thread. please try to keep the comments in the other thread & use this one for picks only. once you've made your pick, @ the person after you.

after the draft, you will fill your espn rosters with whatever players you want from the 3 nfl teams you drafted (+ your 4th round pick).  roster lock date is week 1 kickoff. if a player is on your roster but gets cut before week 1, you have to drop him. (he's no longer on the team you drafted). same for nfl trades...if a players gets traded from one of the nfl teams you drafted before week 1, that player is no longer yours.

when the games kick off on week 1, you should only have players from the nfl teams you picked. after week 1, we can start doing drop/adds for players on any nfl team like a regular league. 


@Agent23  ... you are on the clock. if you need a couple days to color code your draft sheets, it's no big deal. 


good luck! 

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