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EMB Blog: 2022 Post-Season - NO POLITICS

Connecticut Eagle

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Gardner-Johnson being able to come back and play at the level he was before the injury is going to be the make or break aspect of if this team can make a championship run in my opinion. I think he's the biggest of the injuries. I'm assuming Maddox is done and Lane will be back for the playoffs. Both Gardner-Johnson and Maddox being out would be a disaster for the middle of the defense, but I think they can get away with it if CJ is back and playing close to his prior level. 

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For those of you who remember the question I posed earlier today in the prior Blog …  What is the one Philadelphia team that has had the most influence on Philadelphia sports fans? … the team I had in mind as the most influential on Philadelphia sports fans was/is the 1964 Phillies team.

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2 minutes ago, e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! said:

Over/under on bacarty making a ridiculous take is set at page 16.5

Over/under on someone calling someone else a racist is set at page 5.5

over/under on someone saying craziest thing in 30 years is set at 2.5 

Did he get banned again? Havnt seen him post for a while 

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