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Found 5 results

  1. This post was originally made by the one and only @Don Corleone on 11/10/2019 at the old EMB: Listed at 6'1, 175lbs, Smith is probably the lesser known WR of Bama's draft eligible trio, he's come up big in a few games for them this year and yesterday was no exception. Against LSU, Smith had just 7 catches, but for 213 yards and 2 TD's. On the year, he has 50 catches for 934 yards (that's good for 18.7 YPC) with 11 TD's.
  2. Yeah i know we got speed now and we have other needs but I just like watching him with the ball in his hands. #Weapon
  3. 6.2ft / 205 lbs Man: Have some concerns about his ability to keep up with some of the quicker WRs one-on-one, however, he is very savvy with his hands and using them to stay in-phase. Played both traditional and soft shoe press successfully. Difficult to shake, excellent anticipation. Can get loose with his coverage if the pass-rush doesn’t get there. Zone: Well versed in multiple coverages, shouldn’t have too big of an issue picking up an NFL playbook. Awesome in a nail-technique, has a feel for where the WR is even with his eyes in the QB. Good communication/pass-off skills. Ball Skills: Super confident at the catch-point, when he isn’t able to get his head around, he’ll play the WR and fight the ball through his hands. He doesn’t get targeted often, but makes the most of them, very accurate with his hands. Press: Gets good jams at the line, packs a punch, and only uses one hand, rather than two. Even keel at the LOS, he doesn’t get antsy or out of control. Not afraid to get physical and make it tough to release. Patient, doesn’t force anything, makes the WR make the first move. Hips & Footwork: Very technically sound from head-to-toe. A little stiff in the hips, can be a bit delayed on his turn, looks better when he uses a speed turn, good enough to pull it off. Keeps his hips low to the ground, allows him to move laterally much easier, important for a guy his size. Off-Ball: Surtain doesn’t play much off-coverage, but when he’s displayed good route recognition and patience at the top of the WRs route stem. Takes good angles to the receiver when he breaks off his route. Mentality/Run Support: Not invested in stepping up and making a play, however, he does maintain outside leverage and won’t be a huge liability in the run because of it. He does a good job using his length to get off of blocks. Tackle: Long arms, uses them to help secure tackles, doesn’t miss many. Got to get his big body down, tackles high. Can be a bit of a hugger rather than a tackler. Solid open-field tackler, doesn’t over pursue his target. Projection: top 10-15
  4. Let me start looking ahead to 2021 NFL Draft haha. I love the draft process and looking at potential prospects the Eagles may be interested in. We all know Alabama produce average to above average RBs. Najee Harris has all of the tools to be the best back in recent memory out the Bama. Highly recruited out of the Bay Area in California, Harris was arguably the #1 player coming out of high school his senior year. He has the speed, toughness and size (6'2" 230lbs) to be a 3 down back. Najee will have a breakout season this year and would be my darkhorse for the Heisman. We have Miles Sanders but depending on how the backups produce this year, we may be looking for a solid RB to pair with him. No way the Eagles draft a RB in round 1 so the only shot the Eagles will have is to give him in round 2 if he falls that far.
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